Sunday, November 21, 2004

Thirty Three

Well I am just about to close the thirty-third birthday. For the most part, I like to lie about my age.....I'm not so eager to share the fact that I am getting older, with many people. By the time my mother was this age, she had four children, the youngest (me) being four, and the oldest being 12. Wow.
It has crept up in my mind today, the fact the Jesus was thirty three, when he died. All the things He had accomplished on this earth, were done by now. He was made in human likeness, and He was found in appearance as a man, and He had the weight of the world on His shoulders. I know the He knew the whole story. I know that He knew the reason for His life....and yet I still He felt...He was human after all.
As I sit here, I am awe struck. I am without words. Do I know enough of this life, to have the wisdom it takes, to be like Jesus.....not yet. I don't know if I will ever get there, but just thinking about it makes me realize.......
....makes me profound, just awe.
"Holy God, to whom all praise is due, I stand in awe, of you."

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