Sunday, November 14, 2004

Okay here goes.....

So I have been driving awhile now, getting used to the road....and here is the most perplexing part so far:
Why, if you have a speed limit, do you have a slow and fast lane?
I had this argument with my friend this week, and I am sorry, but her answers didnt work for me.
She says the slow lane is for people who are going speed limit and under, and the fast lane is for people going faster.
So why is there a speed limit, if no one in the fast lane follows it?
Why do we have rules, if we are making allowances for them to be broken?
I'm not getting it.
Isn't it like having an alcoholic friend, and asking him to hold your open bottle of liquor? He shouldn't be drinking it, but you are kinda setting him up to fail, are you not?
.....anyway, I just dont get it.

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