Saturday, November 27, 2004

Dizzy Blonde

Well they say that "Blondes have more fun," but as of this morning, I am not sure that's true.
The day started well enough, my alarm went off, and I thought about getting up. I tried, and failed. Or, realistically, I tried, and fell.
It seems that something went very wrong inside my head during the night, and it threw my equilibrium off balance...literally. I got up, I fell. The room was spinning. Okay, I said to myself, try that again. I did, I failed. The third try, I was able to kinda get up, and I headed for the bedroom door, and found the wall (with my body) instead.
I made it to the bathroom, but lost balance trying to get to the toilet. So, armed with the cordless phone, I called my close friend, and she came over to take me in.
I'm sure it was quite the show, me in jamma pants, weaving around, with her hanging on to me for dear life...willing me into a straight line.
We spent the entire morning, me hooked to machines and her reading my vitals, before the diagnosis was determined....and to be honest, I am not really sure what it was....but it must not be life threatening, because I am at home...with three kinds of medication. Oh, goody.
And so, I am not so dizzy anymore, just sick from the new meds. I am thankful for a friend who will get up off her sofa in the middle of cramps to take me to the hospital. And I am thankful for a boss, who was more concerned about me, than my shift.
Oh, and just some advice: it helps to rest your head on the counter if you are dizzy and trying to brush your teeth...

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