Tuesday, October 19, 2004

"Sometimes when Your a Woman....."

So on my flight home last Friday, I had the opportunity to sit beside an interesting man.
We were discussing out trips, mine was home, and his was to visit his children who were living with their mother.....the "bitch."
Now, I dont really like that word in the first place, but there is something so disrespectful of a man who not only uses it to describe his ex-wife, but also uses it to describe her to a total stranger, another woman. I have little tolerance for this. This has happened on more than one occasion to me, and I am tired of it. It's pretty safe for me to assume that, since she is your EX-wife, that you probably don't like her, I don't think you need to add desciptive words, because realistically, I don't really need to know.
So back to the man......
I remembered back to an eighties movie I had seen...and the character said something that stayed with me all these years. I thought it was profound, her statement....however it was fifteen years ago, and I was MUCH younger.
He was continuing to call her the "B****", and so I did what any woman from the eighties would do. I leaned back, smiled at him, and quoted the movie,
"Hey," I said, "Sometimes when your a woman, being a bitch is all you got."

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