Thursday, October 28, 2004

My gramparents

It's been a long week. Out of town, back again, meetings, etc. Emotionally, I am over tired, missed a much needed dinner with the girls, because of my delayed flight....and in need of some love and acceptance.
I found out this week, that some people I have gotten to know these past few months, don't really like me, and not all, but one, even managed to say some pretty unflattering things about me. I thought we were passed that.
So hurt and frustrated with a few things, I didn't sleep I was having an argument with my sleep.
There was some rest however, when I dreamt I was with my gramparents...visiting with them. It was weird,cas in the dream, I knew they had died, but they were right there, with us....and none of my family was saying anything about I just kep my mouth shut...if they didnt know they were dead, I wasn't about to tell them.
I woke up with the desire, to go, and spend the day with them....catch up. loved, unconditonally.
Ah, sometimes, I wish I could live in the dream world forever.

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