Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Levi Lost Weight

I was talking to an old employee last night. I haven't talked to her in a while.....a long while.
Last night, we caught up.....and she surprised me with an incredible weight loss story. Levi lost weight.
Now Levi is her little dog. I believe he is a weiner dog, or something like that; brown, low to the ground, you know the type.
I have always known Levi as fat. He always would find all the chocolate under the Christmas tree, and eat it all. He ate everything. He was slow, waddled around, and needed help getting up on the sofa to lie down.
After a Dr.s appt, Levi was on the verge of becoming diabetic, and so he went on a diet.
Levi lost 20lbs, and I guess in dog lbs....thats 200lbs!!
He is a lean, mean, agile machine. He can run and jump and play. The things he could never do before....he's makin it happen.
And so what can I take from this? If Levi can get it together, so can I.
(as long as someone forces me to eat less.......)

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