Monday, October 11, 2004

I Live with a Pig

So I live with a pig. The truth is out. My new best friend....(um, sorry kim).....a pig. I came to know the pig, about four weeks into my stay here....and so far the relationship is rather comforting.
My pig, is quiet, always has his ears open.....listens to me. He lets me watch whatever I want on the t.v. I pick all the meals (however I have not yet attempted to cook bacon.) I pick whatever side of the bed I want.
One day, walking through the mall, I could take it no more. The solidarity of my Edmonton life. And there he was, sitting in a store....staring at me. ...willing me to approach him. And I did, and we've been together ever since. You sometimes hear of those relationships in which the couple are automatically together every day.....that's us. Pig and me.
I have three more days here, and I am ready to come home. I have learned what I can, and I miss my real life. My friends, my cat, my bed, my mom.....
And yet, the uncertainty of bringing Pig home tugs at my heart. Will he fit in? Will everyone like will he react when he finds out my sister makes bacon for a living....will we make it through....only time will tell.
So now you can see how lonely I really am....sitting in a smokey internet cafe with weirdos.....confessing my relationship with Pig.

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