Saturday, October 09, 2004

Am I A Christian

I sat in the office today with three other managers, and I mentioned something about being mennonite, and they all laughed at me. They didn't believe that I was a conservative, prayer cap wearing little mennonite girl...well I am not.
Then someone suggested that I was just not practicing....and I said, that I didn't necessarily believe everything in the mennonite faith, however I did attend church every Sunday, and had a faith. They didn't believe me either. I have not been vulgar around them, I have been easy to get along with, reliable, and fun to be around. ....and so......I must NOT be a Christian.
It kinda makes me laugh, how people's perception of Christians is so tainted. I was reading about christian t-shirts....and it makes me frustrated with the attitudes of those who are only Christian and not human.
Why do we, as Christians give off such a bad impression.
They were making fun of overly religious people today, each one with an attitude or a story about a holy-roller, who made a negative impact on their life.
Another example?
We received a letter the other day from a lady who had shopped in our store a few weeks back. She was buying some merchandise and got a defective discount for it and then actually found a pair that weren't defective and took those instead....there must have been a miscommunication, because she still received the discount.
Inside the letter, it stated that she was a Christian, and felt bad about the transaction and enclosed the three dollars that had been discounted.
To be honest......I was totally turned off by the letter and the $3. Firstly if you know anything about can't just add $3 into the till one day, and call it a "pay back." Secondly, you have just shown the rest of the world that you still take stuff that doesn't belong to you, you just feel guilty afterward. Maybe the Christian thing was to NOT take the discount in the first place.
I believe that her letter did much to appease her guilty conscience and nothing to show those non-christians in the store about living a Godly life.
People, how are we doing in the world? We're in it, and so a part of it, but not OF it.
Consistenly I meet Christians who I could do without. A sad statement, considering I will have to spend eternity with them.
I dunno what I am trying to say. I guess I am just as sick of holy-rollers as the next non-christian.

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