Thursday, September 23, 2004

Two Days of Meetings

I think the stupid stick should be banned.....there have already been too many people hit with it.......and they were all at my meeting yesterday.
There was one woman who kept using the term "call out" Now, I am unsure as to what the literal meaning to that is, but let me tell you she used it in every sentence that flew out of her mouth these past two days, during her bout of verbal diahhrea. ....maybe it wasnt a bout....maybe she just always has bad verbal poops.....
.....anyway, by the end of the day I, and a few others were ready to do a "call out" into the hall...where we could beat the verbal diahhrea out of her.
Thankfully, I believe I will never see her again, and I can get back to life in the "navy" and live happy.

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