Thursday, September 23, 2004

Sixteen Years ago today.......

Sixteen years ago today, I was 16 years old. I was planning to drive the 2 hours it took to get to Toronto, with two close friends, to go to an Amy Grant mentor, my idol.
I stayed out of school that day, to care for my one year old niece.......and around lunch that day, I received a phone call that made my heart leap. My second niece Hillary Jane was born.....
So different from her sister, with her dark eyes and hair, her ability to eat anything infront of her, her stubbornness for what she believed. Truly, a wonderous thing.
And today she turns 16. She is the same age as I was when she was born. I thought I was grown up then, and now I look at her, and I can't believe she can be so big.
When she turned four, I took her for lunch and shopping, and I let her pick out an outfit. I remember she picked out an outfit that I didn't think her father would like........stirrup pants and a purple shirt....a little grown up. I tried to reason with her to look for another, but in her mind that outfit was hers and she pleaded her case with me, those big brown eyes, pushing her hair out of her face with her little hand, how could I say no to that. So I told her, "if your father says no, we have to take it back, okay?" and she agreed. And she was happy, and her smile and laughter lit up my heart.
Well she kept the outfit, and she grew up. She is caring, genuine, sincere, and would give you the shirt off her back, if you needed it , or even just mentioned that it was nice. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and is able to laugh at herself. She is better with her money than I am with mine. She always has a messy room, life spilling everywhere.....kinda like mine. She will come over, go through my closet, and do my dishes without being asked.
She is a treasure.
I am no longer in contact with those friends I went to the concert with. I no longer think of Amy as my role model....don't even really listen to her anymore. I live no where near Toronto.
These past few weeks of training out of town, I never know what day it is, what month it is, etc....but today I remembered.
Because Hillary still makes my heart leap.
Happy Birthday Hill......I don't think you read my blog.....but I do want to recognize you....and what you mean to me.

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