Friday, September 10, 2004

The Promise Land

Here I sit in an internet cafe, on my first day off, of my new job. I was so nervous to come to Edmonton, afraid that I wouldn't be good enough, afraid that I wouldn't fit in. Malcolm said, that God had brought me to the promise land and He would see me through....and He has.
I am so blessed. He has taken care of everything. I have a great home, with ammenities near by, I have a great job, where I like everyone, and they apparently like me too. I am so blessed.
Although I miss everyone so much, and I want to share this experience with my close ones, I am glad that Tony and Lyn were able to be here and see my place, and store, and temporary life.
I am overwhelmed by how God has taken me through this time, until I got to a great place.
If that wasn't good enough, my favorite show has been on a constant marathon since the day I arrived....that would be 5 days......I never thought watching CSI would ever tire me.....THIS IS THE PROMISE LAND.

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