Friday, September 10, 2004

The Library
The stupid library won't give me a card, because they don't like my i.d. They are prejudice. I am allowed to use their computer, but only for an hour a day. They are very picky.

Camp Jeffrey.

Apparently Andi seems to be doing alright at camp Jeff. It was touch and go at first....hiding under the bed and all...but after much love and encouragement from camp councellor Heidi, she seems to be doing alright. Also her Nana went to visit her today, and although she used to be a little fickle towards her Nana, a new love has developed between them. I am thrilled at their new level of friendship.

The effects of Edmonton

I want a pair of cowboy boots.
Not to wear in a cowboy way, but in a trendy way.
I will not buy a truck with a flag and antlers, I promise.....(although if I meet a guy with one...I won't turn him away)

Have I mentioned that I love my job....if only I didn't get lost in the mall everytime I go for lunch.

Good acoustics for singing.
Amazing huge jacuzzi bathtub, tons of fun, after I figured out how to brace myself in it, cas it is so big, the first time I almost drowned.

Good. Faithful. Really does want the best for you, even if you have to wait for it.

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