Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Kisser

So I got to spend some time with my brother this week. It was all good. It is kinda funny though, because he has taken to kissing.
Now I am okay with that, I am a fairly liberal person...I have kissed a number of people in my life, and am still alive.
It strikes me as funny though, because to be honest, he hasn't always been such an affectionate person.....the first time I really remember him hugging me was when he baptized me when I was 19. I remember him hugging me then.
So kissing on the cheek is his thing now...and I think he enjoys it.....mostly the fact that we (who are being kissed) are not expecting it from him....and it is a bit of a surprise.
And so he kissed me good bye yesterday when he left....and he I pulled away....
and I just wanted to clear the air.....I pulled away because I was in my workplace, being professional.....not because he was kissing me.
I am not used to being kissed in my workplace...I am not used to contact in my makes me uncomfortable......don't know why, some colleague overly touchy in the past I guess.....
Anyway, anyone feel free to kiss me anytime....just not at work.

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