Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I've just come from the throne of God, kneeling there, begging for mercy.
It started off as a good day, cleaning, mopping, loud music. I decided to call a friend of mine. I haven't seen her for a month, because I haven't been around the mall, and I wanted to catch up with her.
We've known each other for several years. She used to work for me, she was promoted up through the company, and had to move away, but we keep intouch. This spring, she moved back here, to take another position, and come home for a while.
We have gotten in the habit of having lunch together a couple times a I have missed her in my absence.
And so today, I called.
And so today, she shared some news with me. Her mother died.
It was a quick death, liver trouble....not slow and lingering, but hasty and harsh.
And I don't know if her heart is broken, but mine is broken for her.
She hasn't had an easy life, her mother an alcoholic. Married by 18, divorced by 22....and yet, all the while, I have never seen her in a negative state of mind. She looks for the positive, she sees the silver lining.
She does not know Jesus, and am assuming, neither did her mother.
And yet, Jesus knows her. Sometimes I forget that He loves her as much as He loves me, but He does.
And so, I kneel at the throne of God, begging for comfort, begging for hope, begging for rest, for this girl who doesn't know the way to God.
And if you pray, pray for her. ....that God will come, and she will be strengthen by Him who loves her.

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