Wednesday, September 01, 2004


........there is grace....but not for me.

I've know it for awhile. ...the lack of grace in my life. I think I started to realize it when I dislocated my knee on four different occasions.....none of them sports related. Once playing "monkey in the middle" at a church function. ...another, while helping a customer, another while dancing at a wedding....(Billie Jean is not my lover, thank you Michael)....and the list goes on.
But I guess this week, it really hit home for me. On Monday, I burnt my entire top lip and top of my mouth, when I bit into a very hot cheese smokie. Last night I got out a popcycle to sooth some of the discomfort, and I dropped my frozen treat on my big toe, and cut it and bruised it.
.........and so, I may be saved by grace......but that's it.

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