Friday, September 17, 2004

aaaaaaahhhhhhhh a day off

Have I mentioned that I love my job. I can't believe that I can be sooo happy.....without a boyfriend.....hehehe
I have been here for two weeks and I don't even notice the time flying.....its all good.
So today, after working all week, I finally had a day off, I called my cousin whom I hadn't seen in aprox 9 years, and spent the afternoon with her.
I was leary at first, her being the black sheep and all (or that's how she was classified 15 years ago, when she got pregnant at 18), nervous about the encounter.......wanting to have something in common......
and what an afternoon we had!!!! I havent had so much fun in a long's like we hadn't lost touch over the years and we were hanging out again, like we did when we were kids......very cool.

As I look back on this past year, I didn't think I could feel this happy, this blessed. I am truly thankful, because in the dark times, I felt God, and also in the Good times, He is there too.

And if things couldn't get anybetter, 4 girlfriends are coming for the wkd, and we are going to IKEA. Life is good.

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