Monday, August 09, 2004

You're Still Here

I was just sitting in the big chair in my livingroom, playing an old c.d. that I recently came across at a second hand store. The tears are streaming down my face as I listen to the words that hold me so close. I have come a long way with God, and in these last weeks, I have been learning to believe, to have faith....and to trust.
Remember in the movie Aladdin, when Aladdin says to the princess, "Do you trust me? , do you trust me?"
That's kinda where I feel I have been lately, God reaching down His hand and saying, "Do you trust Me?",as I sit and wait for the phone call of a new opportunity to come.
And as I sit in the big chair, waiting, the words of the song over power me.....and I know I am loved and I know that for today at least, I trust.

Day and night
The fire in me slowly dies
Don't know why
I can't stop my eyes from cryin'
So much time has passed between us
Buy you kept callin' out my name
out my name....

It's dark outside
I've been away from home too long
I see a light
You've left it on while I've been gone
In my mind, I kept on hearing
All your words - I can't forget
can't forget.....

You're still here
And I'm reminded of the love
That I once knew
You're still here
Longing for the day
That you can hold me close
Oh Lord you know
I never meant to let you go
And you've been here....
You're still here....
You've been here....
You're still here.

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