Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Mosie Lister

So I am sitting here, listening to this song I have to learn for my group. I have it on repeat, so I can learn it, because apparently I am supposed to sing lead. So far I have the beginning and the end memorized.....but guess since it's the same lyrics and melody, that isn't such a great accomplishment.
So I am sitting here , mumbling along with the words, and I notice the name of the composer; Mosie Lister. Mosie Lister. Who would name there child Mosie? Why would you name your child a style of walking?
Now I think I am rather fortunate with my name....Robyn Noelle. Its a good name.....not to weird, yet somewhat original enough to be unique. I am glad that I was the last child of four, because I really think that my parents got better with naming as the years went on. Take for instance my brothers middle name: Elroy. Now tell me that doesn't remind you of the Jetsons. Bless his heart, but I guess being the first born has it's disadvantages.....as least they didn't name him Mosie.....or Stagger....or Strut....

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