Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Do You Interpret Dreams?

So I awoke this morning shaking from a terrible dream.

I dreamt that I was living in an Amish community. I was coming to the age where I had to make a decision as to which faith I would choose. Would I go out into the world or remain Amish and dedicate my life to the Church.
I remember discussing this with my best friend Emily, but she too was confused, so I went to my mother for council. My mother (who was in fact dressed as a 1950's lounge singer) (and blond and skinny) didn't have time for me, because she was talking with another girl from the community who had no mother. She always seemed to put me second after this girl....because she felt pressured to help this girl.
After she pushed me away, I went once again in search of Emily, but I couldn't find her. All the young people were starting to make there decisions, but I was at a loss, because once you left, you took nothing with you, and you couldn't come back. I knew if I could just find Emily, we could make it together.
The last thing I remember, is standing at a crossroads, screaming at the top of my lungs for Emily. As if my life depended upon it, I was screaming.
I woke up then, with a sore throat, feeling quite alone.

Gotta wonder what that was about........and no, I didn't eat anything weird last night.

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