Sunday, August 15, 2004

Africa and Europe?

My name is Robyn. I am just a girl living in Saskatchewan, with a cat. I don't think my life is all that exciting. Lately I feel like I have been living my life on the edge of faith, unsure of my future, and begging God everyday for just a glimpse. It has not been a comfortable place to be, as of late, out of my comfort zone, fully relying on God, and yet, isn't that where we are supposed to be?
Anyway, back to my point. so here I am sitting in my living room right now, and you are somewhere probably near yours. A while a go my brother a.k.a put "Sitemeter" on my blog so I could see where all you were reading from, and lately I have noticed readers from two time zones in Africa and Europe. ....kinda neat, kinda weird and kinda humbling.
(unless I am reading it wrong, and this whole blog is useless)
Anyway, if you are from either place and you are tuning in, I wanted to say "HI", and I have been to both places in my past. So if you ever want to play "Punch buggy", I know how to play it in Africans, Portuguese....and I think I even remember it in Dutch.

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