Friday, July 09, 2004


I want to say something profound this evening...but the only thing I can think of neighbour ...the LiquorPig.
Now LiquorPig moved in last summer I believe. He was nice to me, he spoke to me, he came to my door several times to borrow things, talk to me, and ask me out. He left notes under my door...he suggested that we get together with our kids....(he had noticed me with mine...the this day, I have no idea who he was talking about.) One time he came to my door at 11:45pm, and asked me out sometime.....unfortunately, my friend Lynette answered the door, and he could never tell the difference. She made some excuse...
Now I wasnt sure that LiquorPig was a liquor pig, but a few times he smelled of alcohol, and his neighbor directly accross the hall, has first hand knowledge of his escapades.
All my friends who come to visit me at home, know who LiquorPig is, he seems to be in the hall a lot, and so we joke often about him.
Well, as I left for work today, I got on my regular bus, and much to my surprise, LiquorPig was the bus driver!!!!!
I wonder if he knows who I am.hehehe

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