Monday, July 05, 2004

Listen to your Children

I am not a mother. I have never been a mother. I pray that the Lord would see fit to someday give me children (and a husband wouldn't hurt either)
If I ever have children, I want to listen to them, their dreams, their fears, their joys, and concerns.
I especially want to listen to them when they are three years old and I am shopping with them, in, for example a jean store, and they tell me they have to pee. I want to react quickly and not tell them they don't really have to go, as I browse the sale rack. I want to take them pee right away, so the manager of the store doesnt have to mop up the six foot trail of pee, and the huge puddle that my child the store, around the sale rack.....with teenagers who dont pay attention and walk through it......need I go on?
....and that was my day.

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