Monday, July 26, 2004

I don't like to complain, but.........
   Okay, can I just say that it's Monday, and as  of 5.30pm I have already worked over 20 hours this week. I have to go again tomorrow and put in a 10 hour day. I am a bit tired.
 So I go home to relax, and what do you know, but there is no power. electricity, no microwave, no t.v., no music, no computer, no oven, and even my barbecue is a plug in model.  That's okay, I say, I can eat watermelon and have a candle light bath and just be.........
So I go and run my water, with my candles, and when I go to shut off the water, the hot water won't shut off. The inside is stripped, and I have hot water running full force into the tub.
 I get up and call the caretaker, and he says he will get a plumber here tomorrow.  Oh, goodie, tomorrow.
 So eventually someone comes to shut off the hot water valve, and I think, lucky me....a cold shower tomorrow at 5.30am, to really wake me up.
  The nice caretaker came though and gave me a key for a vacant suite, so I get to go and have a bath there tomorrow (no shower, there isn't a curtain) that has been my day......I wouldn't be surprised if I get my unexpectedly get my period.......

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