Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Does God have an Answering Machine?

It seems like lately, all I have been doing is praying to remind God of the things I am needing or wanting in my life. I thank Him for things, but I always end the prayer by letting Him know I haven't forgotten of those things I am waiting for...from Him. I kinda feel like I am continally leaving messages for Him to remember He needs my help.
This realization happened yesterday when I was out for lunch with my mom. I offered to pray, and after thanking God for various things, I asked for safety for her trip, as well as continued prayer for a few other things. I ended the prayer by saying "In your name I pray, good-bye."
My mother looked at me with shock.......good bye? Then she proceeded to laugh until she cried (we are thankful she didn't pee)
That's when I realized I need to do more than just leave messages on His machine.

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