Sunday, July 04, 2004

Can You Eat off their Plates?

Today as I sat at lunch, I looked around the restaurant table to those who occupied the table with me. Some are old friends, who I've known for a while, and some are new friends, with fresh experience and open your eyes to new things. Take for example Jay. I never realized that people in wheel chairs tend to need longer jeans, cas they are always sitting. Now, when working,every time I help someone in a wheelchair, I automatically show them a 34" inseam...thanks to Jay.
There are those who you weather life with, the good things and the bad things. People who sit beside you when you cry. People who rub your back when you are stressed. People who remind you of the funny things (more stupid than funny) that you have done.
I decided today, the best friends you can have are the ones who can eat off your plate. You share bites with them, like you share your life with them. You are comfortable with them reaching over for a nibble, just as your comfortable with them sharing your feelings, your goals and dreams. Today, as I sat at that table I decided that I am blessed, because I could eat off their plates.

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