Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Bless-o-meter

....and once again, I am blessed.
  Work has been stressful for me these past few months. Lots going on, lots of politics, lots of misunderstandings, and hurtful situations...gossip, secrets...and all this while trying to prepare for "back to school" the biggest season of the year.
  So, amongst the preparations of my major floorset, I was to prepare a report for the upcoming wkd. I was basically done, when I received a voicemail at 5pm, re-setting the expectations, which in turn meant that I had a couple more hours of work ahead.
  As you are all aware, it is Tuesday, and that means dinner with the girls.  In frustration I called one of them  basically crying, and saying I needed to skip dinner to work on this things.
  She wouldn't have it.  I should come to dinner and they would let me work on the computer, and feed me, and leave me alone.
 So I did, and they did too.  They made dinner....would come into the office to refill my drink, help me with the printer, and just love me....even when I am stressing out and over -reacting.....
  They praise me when my report is complete, and act like I had to be really smart to pull this off.......and bless their hearts, because once again, I am blessed by theirs.

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