Friday, July 23, 2004


 Okay, so I live with this cat named Andi. I prefer to think of us as roomates instead of family. I am not one of these people who call my self "mommy" and she is my baby......she is not my baby, she is my cat. And technically, we are not roomates, because I pay for everything, and she lays around all day......(so would that be considered marriage?)
  Anyway, its kinda funny living with a cat.  Tonight when I came home from work, she ran into the bathroom to wait for me, so I must consistently go to the bathroom when I come home. I went tonight instead to my bedroom, and she looked confused and waited at the bedroom door until I left, then once again she ran to the bathroom....much to her surprise, I went into the living room....haha...tricked her.
   Whenever I talk to her, she makes this blurpy noise back at me, not a meow, but a sing-songy purr. That's how we communicate. And I like it, whenever I am in bed, I can call her, and I hear her come running. ...into bed, ready for the night. 
Sometimes when I wake up, I can see her watching me, and if I make any noise at all, she thinks I am talking to her, and comes over to see there are days, when I actually pretend I am still sleeping so she won't bug me. ...pretty pathetic hey?
  She was chasing her tail the other day, when my friend wondered how come the cat never got tired of chasing her tail.......I said "Hey, who am I to judge, I can play freecell for hours." Point made.

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