Monday, June 28, 2004


Well I am home. It was a long few days, but it was good to get home....not necessarily to sleep in my own bed (cas the hotel bed was from heaven) but good to be here in amongst my stuff.
I did not find a computer in the hotel to use so I was unable to update you on my trip. It was an expensive hotel, the shower had two heads, the bed was again, amazing, a bowl of cereal from room service was over $5, but, I could not find a computer.
It was an action-packed wkd, and I believe I slept for a total of 12 hours the whole wkd, so when I got home yesterday, I went to bed at 5pm, and got up this morning.
I am currently waiting to go to an important appt, so I need to get going, but I will tell you more later. A good day to all.

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