Sunday, May 30, 2004

Totally Over

When my nephew was younger, we heard a rumor that he had a girlfriend....we quickly began mercilessly teasing the poor boy. In frustration he yelled out " It's over! It's totally over."
That's is how I feel now. It's totally over. Another chapter is closed, an era is done. We move forward to build new memories. New dreams.
My brother said to me yesterday, " Well I guess we gotta get married now, and have kids." We have to build a new generation. And yet I think back to my grandparents, and their dreams and mine. My grandpa wanted to be at my wedding. My grandma wanted to hold my babies. Well, that will never happen.
It was a good day yesterday, except I think that a lot of us we still kinda in shock, that this actually happened. Grama is gone. The funeral was good. In life, so much focus was on grandpa, and grandma was in the background, always helping, doing preparing, and praying. Yesterday was about her. Now, I am not sure that she would have liked all the attention, but she got it. And we got to see what everybody saw when they looked at grandma. I made it most of the way through my tribute, before I started to cry.
I am blessed to be from such a legacy. It hasn't always been easy, trying to uphold the standard, but in the end, when I look at this family, all following God, you can tell that they prayed for us everyday. I wonder who will pray now.

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