Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Red Jelly Beans of Life

When I was growing up, and well, even now, I have a sweet tooth. I love candy. I am the one who eats everybody's icing from store bought cakes, when they say it's too sweet....even the flowers. Nothing to sweet for me. (which hasn't helped the weight situation...ever)
I remember growing up, and getting candy...like jelly beans or jujubes. Red was always my favorite. My heart would do a little jump as I would spot that red little victim..and I would quickly pop it in my mouth...sometimes savoring, sometimes chewing like a maniac. Some years later, I had a boss who loved the green, yellow, and orange candies...we got along very well.
Today I had a red jelly bean of life. I helped take my grandparents to the doctor, and as I was sitting in the waiting room with them, my grandfather and I were able to look through a Flare magazine together. He didn't look the whole time, but every once in a while, he would look over, and I would point out what he could get me from that particular page. Yup, reading Flare with my grampa....a red jelly bean of life.

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