Saturday, May 15, 2004

Here I sit. It's just about midnight and I got home from work a little while ago.
As I sit here in my camoflage bikini, drinking a slurpee, I am thinking about my day, my week.
It has been an interesting one, I will say that. Work has been a place of turmoil these last few weeks. It seems I can't make anyone happy. I am unsure how to move forward. I have lost most of my self-confidence in my abilities. I used to be recognized consistently for my accomplishments, now I am ignored or belittled. So, I am learning, or trying to learn to find my confidence in who I am, in who God made me. Its kinda hard.
I am short and defensive with my friends...just ask Lyn....I was today....she understands, thankfully.
I had a great morning.Went garage "sale-ing" Bought a computer, printer, keyboard, mouse, etc for $20....just not a monitor. ...but that I got. So my brother (if I beg him) will come over soon and play with it....set it up.
Tomorrow, an important friend is getting baptized. I am very excited. I don't think I have ever been excited for a baptism before, but this time my heart is anticipating it. Maybe it's because my heart has been changing these last few months...anyway, I will have to hurry to work right after...but I won't miss it.
My bus stop is still missing.....
I am going to bed.

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