Monday, May 10, 2004

Bus Stop

This morning as I left for work, I walked out the building...down the my bus stop....only it was missing.
I looked around to see if they had moved it. They had not. I looked to see if it was lying on the was not. It was gone, missing, vanished.
My stomach was unsettled, I wondered if I had entered some weird realm, some parallel universe. Weird.
So I walked up the hill and found another bus stop, and made my way to work. I thought if I was really in a parallel universe I would end up in a Bootlegger, but I ended up at Bluenotes, so I guess that was not the case.
Do not be alarmed however, I called and they were alerted and they will put out a new bus stop for me. And she told me not to worry....all the bus drivers had been instructed to stop for me.

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