Sunday, April 18, 2004


Although it is Gwen week at Robyn's I have to say that these past weeks have been a struggle for me at work.
And this week won't get much better. Actually a lot of "stuff" is gonna hit the fan this week, and I am very scared, nervous, not sleeping, etc.
I am learning to trust God in the area of my life, but I need some help. My mother told me to get a lot of people praying and since my site meter says there are a lot of you out there, who read me....I have one thing to say "PRAY!"
Please pray for me this week as I go through some major hurdles especially on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. I will need strength and courage to say the things I have to say , and maybe to hear the things I will hear.
So when God places me on your heart, stop a moment, and say a word or two on my behalf, I am gonna need it!

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