Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Playing to Lose

So here I sit. It's late. I just walked for an hour and a half. I needed to get rid of the day. Now I just want a snack, but unfortunately for me as I have tried to become healthy, the only thing I can find that resembles chips, are sweet pickles.
Playing to lose. I spent the evening at my gramparents, because today's chemo left Grampa wonkie, and Grama didn't want to be alone. So I went. And ate grama soup and even got a dish of ice cream.
We got the old man settled in for a nap. It amazes me, how old and sick he looks, when just a month or two ago, he seemed perfectly fine. I guess he wasn't.
As I was saying...playing to lose. Grama suggested we play skippo...and if you know my grama, you will be aware that she is quite a competitive player. Well we played and I won. We played again, me not trying so hard, and I won. So here I I try and lose? YUP. So I set my scheme into place, making all the wrong moves, holding on to all the wrong cards. Got some distraction going, by playing the entire game in German. (I can now count to 12)...Hey, I thought, this is good, I am learning more German, and she will win. But alas, even in my trying to fail, I still won. I really tried to lose, but luck was a lady
She suggested a different game, in which she promptly beat my pants off. German. I love my Grama.
My pickles are done, I am going to bed.

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