Thursday, April 15, 2004

Old Lady

Today on my way to work, I encountered and old lady. I was waiting for my bus that I transfer to, to get to work, and she was sitting in the bus "hut".
I stood inside with her, with my discman on, and I saw she was talking to me. I promptly removed one ear piece, and asked her to repeat herself.
"Is this where you catch the 18?"
"Yes," I replied, "It should be here in 10 minutes."
I put my ear piece on, and a few minutes later, I saw her talking to me. Now I don't quite understand it, but why is it that all old people don't understand that you can't hear them, when you have these little wire things that are stuck in your ears.
"Is that the 18?"
I looked around, not a bus in sight. I pretended to see it and said "No, that's not it."
Again, went the ear piece in, and again, I saw her little feeble lips moving. Ear piece out.
"Is that the 18?"
Again, I looked around, and saw nothing. And so again I said "No, that's not it either. But I am getting on the 18, and I get on it every day, so I will make sure that you get on it. I won't let them leave without you."
She smiled, I smiled. I put my ear piece back in. She talked. I took my ear piece back out to listen.
" You going to Bonanza too?"

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