Sunday, April 18, 2004

My Safe Place

In one hour, I will be at my safe place. ...Or rather, with my safe place....My cousin Gwen.
It is funny thinking back on the past 30 some years, growing up together, and growing apart.
For the first 16 years we were pushed together, inseparable, got the same presents at Christmas, had similar clothes. We had to like each other, we were cousins, best friends.
Then as life happens, we got busy. We changed, became women, lost touch, lost common ground, we lost each other. We still visited sporadically, spent some time together, we were cousins, after all.
And somewhere in the midst of being women, we reconnected. We talked. We shared our lives.
I remember a specific time when I knew how much she really loved me. I was sitting in the bathtub (no visuals needed) on the phone with her, confessing to her that I was worried that my boyfriend might not be the best person for me....But I wanted to get married. I remember her starting to cry on the phone, because she didn't want me to regret that decision for the rest of my life. Her tears convinced me that I was worth more.
And ever since that day, she is my safe place, my comfort, my cheerleader, my conscience, etc. Next to Jesus, she's my rock.
My heart broke last August when she moved to Ontario, and my heart leaps for joy now, because she just arrived in Stoon for a week. ...Now I know she needs to see other people, but secretly I like to believe that it is mostly for me.
And so Gwen Week begins here at Robyn's. I hope your week is as good.

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