Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Dress

Today I bought an Easter dress. It has been years since I have done this, but I wanted a new dress, and so I went in search.
I found one, purchased it and now I am sitting here, feeling a bit guilty. Maybe I was impulsive, maybe I don't really neeeeed the dress. I like the dress.
If you have been following me so far, you know that in January I started my quest to become a healthier me; a new me. ...and in the process, I was hoping to lose weight. I have now lost 20lbs, and only have 15lbs more to go, before I reach my goal. I can't remember in the past few years, being able to walk into a store who's target age is under 20, and pick out a dress. Today I did that. I picked out a dress, and it wasnt even the biggest size, tried it on, and it fit, without any problem. I was a bit surprised, cas I still feel big, but I was a bit shocked when I saw myself in the looked okay.
I wonder why we still see all our faults instead of our accomplishments. I was out walking late on Wed nite with a colleague, and all of a sudden she turned to me and told me that I was beautiful....she had always thought so. I am amused, because I just don't see it.
Why dont we see it? I have friends who are drop dead gorgeous and they have no clue. I mean I dont want vanity run a muck, but we just don't know. Why is that?

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