Monday, April 05, 2004

A Card from Jesus

I realize that lately my blogs have become a bit more spiritual, it is because I am working through my faith. It is because I am getting to know Jesus from a different perspective. I am slowly learning to listen, and He is patiently talking LOUD.
I didn't feel real spiritual today as I went through my day at work. I was worried about a lot of stuff (read yesterday) and I overheard a colleague try to convince one of my staff to lie to me about something. So not a good mood, trying to do 8 million things at once, and not really getting much accomplished. ....And then I got a card from Jesus.
Well, it wasn't from Jesus really. It was from Tina. Now Tina is a customer with whom I have become friends. We have never hung out, but when she comes into my store we share our lives. She is a Christian girl a few years younger than me. We have short heart to heart talks, I sell her something and she leaves, until next time.
Now I haven't seen or visited with Tina in over a month, but today, Tina came in for a purpose; to drop off a card and chocolate for me. ...Bless her heart. She made me wait to read the card until she was gone, and I put it aside until I had a moment after work.
Inside was a message straight from God. Tina has not talked to me about anything that is currently going on in my life, but everything that was in the card directly answered the questions I asked God last night.
Thank you God for speaking so clearly when I am hard of hearing.

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