Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Work Ed

I have a work ed student, bless her heart. She comes into my store for two weeks and I teach her how to run a business...how to sell, how to communicate, how to talk louder.
She came from the christian school, a timid little lamb, wanting to impress, willing to do what she could to make a good impression. Well she did. She made an impression on me.
We taught her to talk louder, and she can do it....I can hear her little voice over the constant banging of the music ..."Have a good day now!" to her customers...then she looks at me and grins. We taught her how to play the boyfriend game, and she is becoming quite good at it.
I took her for a coffee yesterday, wanting a moment to chat...she thought she was in trouble, and I just wanted to offer her a job.
Remember my last work-ed kid, the girl who got pregnant when she was 13? Yeah me too. The differences overwhelm me. Why can't they all have the opportunity to grow up innocent, young and pure.

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