Sunday, March 28, 2004

Sometimes I wish that God would give us a little hint into the future. There are things I would like to know. Initials of the one I will to effectively lose weight. ...will I have children? And yet on the other hand, if I knew what the future would hold, I know that I would rush around making sure it was happening. I think I would miss out on the joy, and the surprise, and the wonder of it all.
Maybe I would not be happy with what I knew, and try to change the those stupid shows on tv.
As I watch my grandfather struggle with cancer, I wonder if he would change anything in his past, if he knew that he would end up sick like this.
I know this: in my life, I want to enjoy the journey. I want to remember those moments of life, when my heart jumps, when I laugh out loud, and those moments, when I actually understand what God is teaching me that day. Give me understanding Lord...and yes I guess patience too!

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