Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Red Deer

Well here I sit in Red Deer, wishing for my bed and computer and yes even my cat.
Red Deer seems to have grown, but it still doesnt have an Old Navy, so my attempt to exchange my too small bikini top was in vain.
Got to do lots of work today at a store where the manager doesnt really have a sense of urgency about getting things done....
.....and some guy tried to pick me up, so I guess I am attractive at least in Red Deer. .....haha.
Okay, gotta go back to the lounge , people are waiting for me.
Oh, and guess who I ran into here, in RD...in the mall, and in the hotel...my cousin and his wife.....wow, poor guy cant even get away from family when he is on vacation...bless his heart.
Good nite all.

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