Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Full Moon?

I wonder, is there a full moon tonite? Cas today was a crazy day, and I hope not to repeat it.
I had a young girl in my store today, who seemed a little weird....high maybe. Yeah, I think she musta been high. She picked up a bikini top and asked me what it was. Then she tried it on. Then she came out of the change room fully clothed with he jacket on (the bikini string hanging out the back) and sat on the bench, alone. I asked her about the string...and she said that she musta forgot that she had it on. Uh....yeah. I made her take it off, and then she proceeded to sit back on our change room bench for another 20 minutes alone...till I kicked her out. She was weird.
A little while later a guy came in and bought over $200 worth of clothes. He didn't try anything on, but handed me his credit card, and paid for it. I checked the signatures, and they didn't match at all...not even close, so I asked for I.D. He didn't have any, so I told him I needed to call it in, just to wouldn't take long. He didn't seem to mind, so as I got on the phone with Visa, the card in my hand and his purchases behind the counter, he took off. Things that make you go hhhmmmm.
Well add a couple more staffing problems, slipping on the ice 5 time on my morning walk...that makes up my day. How was yours?

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