Saturday, March 06, 2004


I went to my grandparents house today, under the guise of "cleaning." I havent been there yet, since he was diagnosed last week, and I just needed to go. But of course, I cannot say that I am going there just to see how they are, so I clean.
My first task? Dusting. Now as many of you have grandparents, I am sure that you know the number of knick knacks and cassette tapes, and family pictures,and books they can collect. So, with a lump in my throat, I set about my task; and I learned many things today.
I learned that my brother Randy gives them a family picture EVERY year for Christmas (and I dusted every
one). I learned that my uncle Ernest used to wear a black leather vest.(not so cool anymore) I learned that until 3 years ago, my cousin Barry consistently looked like a redneck. I remembered that my brother Jeff, used to have hair.
I dusted the fuzzy plastic birds that hang over grama's chair (all you relatives can thank me later.) I stared at pictures of my father and his identical twin brother in their youth, until I could actually tell them just took some patience (yuck I hate patience.)
I dusted and I wiped, I wiped and I dusted; and the one place that had no dust? The Bibles. Grampa has several Bibles, on his desk, and there was not a speck of dust on them.
As he struggles to face the future, and tries to understand why he has gotten this disease, he is still going to the source. He still looks for comfort, in the comforter. He still finds peace, in his God.

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