Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The Day my Lover Died.

Yesterday was a day I won't soon forget. Yesterday, my lover died.
You may recall, in mid-February, my friend's husband, bought me a lover. He seemed cool enough, with the ability to grow up to 600%!
Well, we got to know each other slowly, hanging out here and there, he was a quiet fella...maybe because of the packaging he was in. He didnt move much, but he seemed attentive.
Yesterday afternoon, I decided to grow my lover for my dinner party. A nice change to the ordinary day.
I put my lover in warm water, and returned an hour later, to find him quickly deteriorating, like some kind of leper. I was distraught, losing my lover so quickly to leprosy. I even had a nurse present, but she said "forget it, he can't be saved. Is there anymore pudding?"(apparently she didn't care as much as I did about my lover)
So I took him out of the water, and held his little red body in my hands, thinking of all the good times we had, him and me, me and him. I left him there to dry out, maybe, just maybe a miracle would happen, and he would go back to normal.
But alas, this is not the case. As I sit here at the computer, I am looking over to the kitchen counter, seeing his poor little red bubbly body, laying, small as ever, not the big red guy he shoulda been.
Fare thee well, my lover.
At least I still have a "grow a boyfriend" somewhere in my home.

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