Monday, March 22, 2004


Yup...don't feel so blessed today. A little cranky. Hate everything about myself. I hate my fat arms. I hate the fact that I blush when I talk to a cute guy. I hate the fact that I used to be able to flirt with the best of them, and now I just blush.
I hate that even though I am blushing this cute guy must think I am a moron. I hate that he would never like me, because I don't think I am beautiful, like all the other girls are. I hate that I don't think that I am beautiful. I hate that only girls tell me tell me that I am doesn't mean the same thing. I hate that I am supposed to be dating Jesus, and I am happy with that, but I wouldn't mind dating someone else too. I hate that I feel like I look fat all the time, even though I am trying to lose weight.

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