Saturday, February 14, 2004

Not such a bad V-Day after all.

How come, when your a single woman on Valentines Day...all your female friends have to call you and tell you Happy V-day? I received several calls today...thanks.
And it was a good day.
I worked hard....went to a movie with friends.
At the movie I saw a person I used to like, a lot, with his new girlfriend he got when he stopped calling me...and you know what? I was fine. HA
I went out for coffee with friends and won 1/2 a pound of coffee beans...(Rand, let me know if you want them, I dont have a grinder)
And the best part of this Valentines day.....when my friend opened the car door to yell at me as I was going inside my building..."I just gotta tell you, your but looks really good in those pants"
Yup..... A pretty good day after all.

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