Wednesday, February 18, 2004

My new Boyfriend

Well a couple of weeks ago, my friend and I decided not to worry anymore about guys. Instead, everytime we get frustrated, we will focus on God, and not our singleness.
This has actually been going okay. I feel pretty good, I am more focussed, more content, until......
My friend Glen felt sorry for us single he took matters into his own hands.
Yesterday, we were presented with "Grow a Lover" He grows (in water) up to 600%!! "If you dont have a lover, grow one."
So far he seems nice.....he is red. He is wearing cool shades and some shorts. He appears to be very muscular, and he hasnt even hit the water yet!!
He was only $1.99. He was made in China, so I guess that makes him Asian.
So I guess I will go and spend some time with my new lover.
Oh, by the way Kimberley, you left YOUR lover here. (I think they are twins)

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