Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Jesus with Skin On

I know this wonderful person. She is beautiful on the outside, and even more on the inside. She marches to the beat of her own drum, not really worrying about the status quo. I met her only within the last year, and yet I feel like she has penetrated a part of my soul.
We dont spend much time together. We maybe see each other once a month, if that, and yet, I am drawn to her. I know that she owns a piece of my heart.
I had dinner with her today, and it changed my whole out look. There was a peace in my heart and a little more joy in my attitude.
I sat on the bus tonite, and tried to figure out when she got a piece of my heart. I dont remember giving it to her, and yet it belongs to her, I dont know how to describe it.
I thought back on the past ten months, during the times when my faith was weak, and I often remember her showing up. My brother often uses the phrase " Jesus with skin on" and looking back I honestly say that she has been Jesus to me on so many occasions. When I didnt have faith to stand alone, she stood there, when I needed to cry, she made coffee and did my dishes. When I didn't feel like living, became my "Jesus with skin on."
You, my friend, are the person that Jesus would be, if he were here today. (except maybe not the red hair,HA!) And I thank you for making such a difference in my life. I am overwhelmed by you.

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