Thursday, January 15, 2004

Where have all the good ones gone.

Where is right. I have to ask, and if you know me, I have probably asked you personally. Where have all the good men gone. Men who dont cry at movies. Men who dont live in their parents basement, or men who believe in God and act like it. Men who arent afraid to take the lead and who aren't afraid of self assured women.
I have dated a few men who share my faith, and I gotta tell you, there is something lacking in the equation; I get better treatment from guys who dont share my faith.Something just doesnt work out with the christians. ....and I must ask myself, if I am going to look at this rationally, is it me?
Maybe parts of me...but I have to tell you of the conversation that occurred last night over a pile of sweaters at work. I was cleaning with a young employee of mine...who is a christian...and she recently broke up with her boyfriend (not a christian). We discussed the reasons and then I tried to encourage her to date christian boys....and ya know...she said the same thing I am saying. They dont get the job done!
So..."Step back" says Robyn, maybe its not my fault at all. If these guys are the same whether 16 or 32, maybe its them....and if it is....I gotta ask..."Guys, what gives?" Whats going on...can you tell you need help...are we women that freaky-outty...that we just scare the crap out of you? Let us know....or...figure out what you want and go after it......we like assertive men.

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