Monday, January 12, 2004

Okay, so here is the question of the day.
Can you blow someone off without offending them?

I seem to have offended someone recently, and that was not my intention. I met him/her through a friend, and he/she wanted to pursue a friendship with me. I didnt find that we had much in common. I tried a few times to hang out, but really it didnt do much for me.
I dont want to seem like a snob, but I find that having a challenging job, and finding time for your other friends can get quite demanding....add to the mix time with family, time with God, and time with yourself, and where is the time for anyone new. Now dont get me wrong. I have met some of my now closest friends in the past year, and I have committed to seeing them at least once a week. But they bring things to my life. They bring accountability; they bring encouragement, laughter and love....unconditional love I might add. Some people are unable to add these things into a relationship and frankly, I find it not worth my time.
Am I wrong?
Can you tell someone that you are not interested in being their friend and not hurt them.....or is avoidance the game of the day. That doesnt work either. Either way they get hurt....WHAT DO WE DO? HOW DO WE FIX THIS? Anybody got any ideas?

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